• Matija Stepic

    Matija Stepic

  • Janne Ruohisto

    Janne Ruohisto

    Founder and CEO of @intunex. Developing a unique social business application that changes the way people locate, share & develop expertise within organizations.

  • Francisco Vargas

    Francisco Vargas

  • Jani Aaltonen

    Jani Aaltonen

    CEO @Salescomm http://www.salescommunications.fi @hubspot Platinum #hubpartner Tweets about #marketing, #mufc & #inbound

  • Louisa Heinrich

    Louisa Heinrich

    strategist. speaker. instigator. smartypants. lover of good booze, better conversation, and music of most kinds. opinions encouraged.

  • Michelle Killebrew

    Michelle Killebrew

    Global Marketing: IBM Social Business - Digital Marketing Maven (B2B & B2C), Web Analytics User, eCommerce Junkie, Tech Geek & dog lover. Opinions are mine.

  • Mikko Ikola

    Mikko Ikola

    Entrepreneur | Co-founder at @Ambronite

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